The 7 Best Wear OS Apps of 2024

Testing and evaluating apps can be tedious, so I’ve done the hands-on downloading, installing, and testing to compile a list of the best Wear OS apps for you.

During my search, I kept in mind apps that I think most people like, so you’ll find the best music streaming smartwatch app, an app to record audio, and more.


Using Shazam to identify an unknown song works like magic, but I’m always frustrated when the app doesn’t open in time. Saving a few seconds with the Shazam Wear OS app might preserve your sanity like it has mine countless times. You’re given the song name and the artist, and it’s recorded in the phone app’s library.


AccuWeather is one of the best weather apps for your phone. The Wear OS version isn’t nearly as robust as the smartphone version, but sometimes all you need are the basics. It has everything I usually look for in a weather app on just one screen, so it’s easy to see the current temperature, the RealFeel temperature, and when there will be any precipitation over the next hour.

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder really is easy to use. It simplifies audio recordings on the go with its large record button on the first page of the app. Recordings can remain on your watch, where you can listen to them at any time or delete them automatically after they’re copied to your phone. After syncing, recordings can be managed from the phone app and shared through any of your apps.

Google Keep

This note-taking app is awesome if you keep things like shopping lists, reminders, or recipes in Google Keep. The watch app shows all the same notes as the phone app, in the same order.

You can’t edit text, but you can check off list items, pin and archive notes, set reminders, and set a single note as a tile. There’s an on-screen keyboard for creating new notes directly from your watch, but, unsurprisingly, I found that speech-to-text works well and is far easier.


This app delivers positive reminders through daily quotes. That’s it! Just tap the screen to see another one. It’s simple, and does have some cons, but I find myself coming back to it more than I do most apps.

Google Maps

An introduction isn’t necessary for this ultra-popular app. Google Maps on your watch will show you step-by-step directions, whether driving, cycling, or walking. And browsing the map is surprisingly easy; double-tap to zoom up, or tap with two fingers to zoom out.

An indispensable feature is phone pairing. When navigation is started from your phone (which is way easier to initiate), you can have it automatically mirrored on your watch and/or vice versa.

YouTube Music

You don’t need to carry around your phone to listen to some good music.

YouTube Music works directly from your Wear OS watch, letting you download songs for offline playback to listen without your phone or an internet connection. Or, if you do have a mobile or Wi-Fi connection, you can stream directly from YouTube. Just connect your watch to headphones or another Bluetooth device.

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