Places To Visit In Madagascar That Are A Beautiful Blend Of Nature And Wildlife

The slight mention of Madagascar creates a picture of a place adorned with pristine beaches, lush green rainforests, bulging-eyed golden lemurs, and the settlements of age-old French colonies. Marked as the fourth largest island in the world, this place has something to offer to every traveler.

For the water babies, there is an archipelago of white sand beaches, the wildlife lovers can explore the rainforests and the varied creatures that give a closer glimpse of the animal kingdom while the history admirers have UNESCO heritage sights to witness on this island. And to experience the best of this island, do not miss out on these 10 amazing places to visit in Madagascar.

Top 5 Tourist Places In Madagascar

Here is an interesting list of places to go in Madagascar covering all the Madagascar highlights and Madagascar points of interest.

The Bustling Capital City

1. Antananarivo

Reflecting a beautiful blend of traditions and culture, this capital city is the melting pot of Madagascar. Also called Tana it is settled at the slopes of the surrounding mountains, this city is situated at an altitude of 1400 metres. The older part of the city still showcases the French colonialism and Parisian structures lined on the slopes of the hills. As compared to the rest of the Madagascar island, Antananarivo is one of the developed cities.

2. Avenue Of The Baobabs

In the western side of Madagascar stands these tall Baobab trees symmetrically lined up on a dirt road lying between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina. Its unusual and raw beauty draws the attention of many tourists and makes it one of the best places to visit in Madagascar. The Baobab trees are locally known as Renala which means, ‘Queens of the forest’. These 30 meters tall strangely shaped trees have existed since 1000 years, and the view of these trees during the sunset is worth to capture.

3. Tsingy Of Bemaraha

Nature’s finest beauty lies here amidst this dramatic landscape which is beautifully carved fossil deposits and colossal monoliths. This natural park consists of huge and spiked rocks formed limestones which were moulded 5 million years ago and locally known as Tsingies from which the name derived. Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this natural wonder is one of the hyped places in Africa for the adventurers.

4. Ranomafana National Park

Enriched with a varied range of flora and fauna, the Ranomafana national park spreads across an area of 400 kms. Sq. The word Ranomafana means ‘hot water’ in the local language and one can enjoy a relaxing bath under hot running water in any of the waterfalls inside the park. This park is also a home to the endangered species of golden bamboo lemur.

5. Zahamena National Park

Stepping at this rainforested national park, you will get the feeling of walking on the sets of a Hollywood movie. Surrounded by mist and rain clouds, this national park is a home to some of the wide array of birds. To get the best view of wildlife and birds, bed in at Vavatenina or Ambatondrazaka.

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