19 Simple DIY Desk Ideas for Any Room

If you’re looking for a beginning woodworking project, building a desk is a great choice. These simple DIY desk ideas are straightforward projects that require only a few power tools to build. You’ll gain experience and have a quality piece of furniture when you’re done.

These DIY desks may be on the simple side, but that doesn’t mean that they lack in style. There are desks that are in the style of modern, farmhouse, rustic, and more. Whatever your style, one of these desks will be a match. These are beautiful desks that would look great in an office, bedroom, living room, or any other space in your home.

  • Solid Walnut Waterfall Desk for Two

    Dans le Lakehouse

    This waterfall desk is made from solid wood countertops, making it a cinch to put together. There’s even a built-in feature you can include that will help hide your cords.

    Solid Walnut Waterfall Desk for Two from Dans le Lakehouse

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  • Hairpin Leg L-Shaped Desk

    A Beautiful Mess

    Plywood is used in this L-shaped desk which can be converted into a longer workspace if needed. Hairpin legs look great and are easy to attach, wrapping up this project quickly.

    Hairpin Leg L-Shaped Desk from A Beautiful Mess

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  • Live Edge Wood Desk

    The Merrythought

    Here’s a stylish desk that could be put anywhere, in any room. All you need is a wall to attach it to. This desk is easy to make and really stands out thanks to its live edge top.

    Live Edge Wood Desk from The Merrythought

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  • Custom Built-In Desk

    A Beautiful Mess

    IKEA cabinets make up the base of this DIY desk idea that can be customized to fit any size area. Included are directions on how to make it large enough for two people if space provides.

    Custom Built-In Desk from A Beautiful Mess

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  • Fold-Away Desk

    Houseful of Handmade

    This unique desk can be folded away when not in use. It looks great when it’s set up, giving you some extra workspace whether you need it.

    Fold-Away Desk from Houseful of Handmade

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  • Wall-to-Wall Floating Desk

    The Navage Patch

    A floating desk can be a nice way to make a small space useful. This wall-to-wall floating desk is built from butcher block counters which have been carefully stained to create a stunning finished desk.

    Wall-to-Wall Floating Desk from The Navage Patch

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  • Concrete Desk

    The Merrythought

    Try out something different with this DIY desk with a concrete top. It’s a small desk with just enough room to be functional but compact enough to fit in a small space. Sawhorse legs give it a streamlined look.

    Concrete Desk from The Merrythought

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  • Modern Desk

    Average But Inspired

    You can build this gorgeous modern desk in a weekend with just a few power tools. The desk fits with just about any style, just change out the hardware for a whole new look.

    Modern Desk from Average But Inspired

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  • Farmhouse X Office Desk

    Handmade Haven

    Bring the farmhouse style into any room when you include this DIY desk. There are shelves on the right side for storage and a nice smooth wooden top for writing.

    Farmhouse X Office Desk from Handmade Haven

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  • Plywood Desk

    Within the Grove

    Stunning doesn’t even start to describe this modern plywood desk that looks like it’s from the pages of a catalog. There’s a whole lot of gluing here, but the result is well worth it. serbagadget

    Plywood Desk from Within the Grove

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  • Simple Modern Wood Desk

    House on Longwood Lane

    This would be a wonderful first woodworking project. It’s a straight-forward build with only straight cuts. Directions are included on how to cover up the rough plywood edges.

    Simple Modern Wood Desk from House on Longwood Lane

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  • Built-In Office Nook


    This project not only shows you how to build a desk, but it also shows you how to build a complete built-in office nook. Don’t be afraid to tackle this project, in addition to the desk there are only a few shelves and drawers.

    Built-In Office Nook from Nick+Alicia

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  • DIY Desk Under $100

    Handmade Haven

    If you’re on a budget for your DIY desk, this a-frame desk can be built for less than $100! It even includes a drawer for some much-needed storage.

    DIY Desk Under $100 from Handmade Haven

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  • Fold Down Desk

    Not Just a Housewife

    Sometimes there’s absolutely no room for a desk. This problem has been fixed with this fold-down desk that’s attached to the wall and only folds down when in use. Storage and a corkboard make it even more useful.

    Fold Down Desk from Not Just a Housewife

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  • Floating Desk

    Within the Grove

    This is a desk meant for children, but simply raise it up to standard size and you have a modern floating desk that you can place anywhere in your home.

    Floating Desk from Within the Grove

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  • Desk In a Closet

    Houseful of Handmade

    Make a closet into an office with this tutorial. This creates a cozy spot for you to attend to all your tasks. You’ll build a base and then add on the top of the desk in this weekend project.

    Desk In a Closet from Houseful of Handmade

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  • Custom Industrial Work Desk

    Craft Thyme

    Black iron piping along with wood gives a great industrial look. The piping is very easy to work with, cutting down the woodworking portion needed to build this desk.

    Custom Industrial Work Desk from Craft Thyme

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  • Resin Top Desk

    Centsational Style

    You’ll learn how to make a resin top for a desk in this tutorial. You’ll get step-by-step directions on how to pour and paint and resin top for your desk.

    Resin Top Desk from Centsational Style

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  • Plywood Topped Double Desk

    Lemon Thistle

    This DIY desk project is perfect for the beginner. Plywood is used to top the desk and an IKEA cabinet holds everything up. This desk is long enough that there’s room for two.

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